Home Workouts Work

Home Workouts are the way to Optimal Health

Why Home Workouts?

None of us have time to workout yet we all know we need to make it happen! Work, children, cleaning, laundry, yard work . . . you don’t have extra hours to spend going to the gym. Your time is precious and you want maximum results from your workout in as little time as possible. You want an effective home workout that will actually work!

As we approach our 50’s we were excited to find home workouts that work! Goodbye to 25 years of paying for a gym membership that was never effective. Goodbye to not being able to figure out how to lose weight and get back in shape. And goodbye to over 100 pounds between the 2 of us in less than 8 months! Now we want to share what we know with you! Home Workouts Work!

We discovered exciting and doable home workouts and products offered by Beachbody that have enabled us to recapture the health and fitness we enjoyed in our 20’s and we do it all in the comfort and privacy of our own home. We complete our home workouts in 30 to 40 minutes – much easier than the nearly 2 hours it used to take us to get to and from the gym just to complete a workout!

Find Home Workouts that work for you!

Here at HomeWorkoutsWork.com we will bring you information on the best home workouts available on BluRay & DVD. You will also discover Shakeology, the best meal replacement shake on the market today that will kick-start your weight loss as it gives you the nutrition you need while helping curb your appetite.

We invite you to read the reviews, articles and descriptions of what we believe are the best health and fitness products available AND to find the best home workout program for yourself. Join us and discover what we already know – Home Workouts Work!

Home Workouts have worked for Us

home workoutsBeth and John Rivers, both former active duty Marines, are Independent Team Beachbody Coaches who want to help and encourage others in their journeys towards weight loss, health, and fitness. They both believe that “if we can do it, anyone can”!