You Need Happy Feet

Posted on 12. Apr, 2014 by in Health

When you workout you put significant stress on your feet which can sideline you instantly. Did you know no 2 feet are alike – not even your own two? You might even wear a different size shoe for each foot. Are you prone to heredity foot issue like bunions, ingrown toenails, or flat feet? And the density of your bones indicates your likelihood of developing osteoporosis or arthritis. Some foot problems come from heredity factors, but there are some things you can do to keep your feet healthy and happy.

1. A good workout shoe is a worthwhile investment that can help you avoid many injuries. Go to an athletic footwear store where a clerk will measure and check your feet for biomechanical problems. You can discuss your type of workout with the clerk who can help you find the right type of shoe. If the shoe doesn’t feel perfect when you put it on – keep searching.

2. Your socks matter – they are the cushion between your skin and your shoe and they help control moisture. They need to be just the right thickness – not too tight or too loose. A white microfiber fabric that will wick away moisture is best .

3. Pamper your feet. Here are some things they love:

Soaking in warm water
Pumice stone to smooth and soften
Moisturizing before bed
Medicated foot sprays to kill athlete’s foot fungus
Non-medicated donut pads to take pressure off of corns or callouses

Your feet actually tell you how your whole body is doing. If they are not happy, you will be putting more strain and stress on your muscles, bones, heart and lungs. If you are just getting started with your workouts, start in moderation until your feet build up a tolerance and get stronger. Happy feet are the key to a happy body!

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  1. Julia Kate

    05. May, 2014

    Regular workout and walking exercises are very important to maintain healthy and happy life of feet.

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    • John

      09. May, 2014

      This is true Julia. Without healthy and happy feet it would be difficult to exercise properly.

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