Focus T25 is HERE….Are YOU ready!!

Posted on 03. May, 2013 by in Fitness, Workouts

Focus T25Shaun T has done it again. First there was Hip Hop Abs and Rockin” Body that Shaun T had us moving and dancing off the pounds. Then came Insanity and Insanity:The Asylum that brought us the high intensity interval training (HIIT). Now Shaun T has done it again with a breakout new program called Focus T25.

What is the Focus T25 Workout? It is 25 nonstop minutes off pure energy, 5 days a week. It will give you the same results as a hour long workout. Broken down into 3 phases (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) Focus T25 begins with a foundation of the basic moves. Once you learn the moves and have them perfected Shaun T moves to the Core stage. Core Strength, Core Moves, Core Speed. No you start to tone and tighten your body. Then comes the strength stage. Using dumbbell or resistance bands, you start to sculpt your body into the specimen it was meant to be.

60 days, 5 days a week, 25 minutes. Get It Done!!


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  1. Karina Colin

    03. Jun, 2014

    Good afternoon, mi interested to buey some products bit i live in México , do you do shiiping here? Thank you!

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