Focus T25 Review – Alpha Cardio

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Focus T25 Review

Focus T25 Review – Alpha Cardio

This Focus T25 Review is based on our first attempt at the Alpha Cardio workout. In this review I will talk about the different parts of the workout and how we performed.

Beachbody’s Focus T25 Workout by Shaun T of Insanity fame, has three actual phases. Alpha, Beta and Gamma Phase. This T25 Review of the Alpha phase’s “Cardio” will be one of several Focus T25 Reviews I will post. The Alpha Phase of Focus T25 has five separate workouts, each lasting 25 minutes. Each workout ends with an additional cool down lasting anywhere from 2 – 3 minutes.

Our Alpha Cardio T25 Reviews

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~ Our Second Focus T25 Review ~

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Focus T25 Review – Our First Attempt

Our first attempt of the Cardio workout was met with excitement because other than the 10 Minute Trainer workout series, we hadn’t done any other workouts with the claim of giving you a good, sweaty workout in under 45 minutes. Focus T25 claims – 25 minutes. We were in for a big surprise!!

The workout started with some decent music similar to Insanity. The workout progression started out slow with some slow high knee lifts, gradually building into a high knee jog. Jumping jacks with just the feet first going out and in, working your way to full jumping jacks. This was the basic set up. Starting slow with part of a move then gradually building into a full move.

I want to mention in this Focus T25 Review that this series is the first time we see a “Modifier” added to the workouts. This is a separate person on the cast totally devoted to doing the workout with “Lower Impact” moves. Not less intense, just at a pace with no jumps or floor moves, so that anyone can start and be successful. So, “Is T25 for Beginners?” I say YES. The modifier for T25  just happens to be Tonia of Hip Hop Abs and Insanity fame.Focus T25 Review

Shaun T and the cast continue to do lunges, squats, jumping and sprinting type moves all geared to get your heart pumping, your body sweating and your body burning calories like wood in a furnace.

To top it off, this Alpha Cardio workout includes two “Burnout Phases”. One in the middle and one towards the end of the workout. This phase is a solid 2:30 – 3:00 minute round of all the moves combined at full tilt with no break. At the end of the “Burnout Phase” you are spent and ready for the slight moment of rest and into the next set of moves.

Focus T25 Review – We Made It!!

Beth and I did pretty well through our first time with Alpha Cardio. As always we and you will get better with your form with repetition. The Focus T25 Schedule is really simple with the Focus T25 Calendar that is provided. Out of the five workouts, you do one a day with an optional double on Friday, a rest day on Saturday and a stretch on Sunday. The workouts are shuffled each week so that you are doing a different workout on a different day from the previous week which gives you more variety. There is no equipment needed, just a towel and water at the end of the workout, because there is no time to drink or wipe sweat during the workout 🙂

I liked this T25 exercise program. It was done in 25 minutes as promised and I was a sweaty mess. Tonia, as the modifier, is a great addition for beginners or those needing a Low-Impact option. It was fast paced and moved along pretty quick. When I wanted to quit from exhaustion, Shaun T switched it up to a less rigorous move. Plus it was a fun workout. It is not like Insanity. With T25 you have different moves, there is slow to fast progression and you have a modifier to keep you moving when you don’t think you can go any longer.

I know as time goes on we will get better at the moves and our form will improve to get an even better workout. If you have any questions about our Focus T25 Review, please don’t hesitate to send us a message at the top right of this page.

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