Should I Eat Before or After I Workout?

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Eating before or after a workout is a very good question. You need fuel in the tank to maximize your workout and what kind of fuel you put in matters.  But do you already have enough to get you through a workout? Here is some simple advice on how to properly eat before you workout.  best-pre-workout-foods-home-workouts-work

Are you a grazer?

If you are a “grazer” who eats every few hours while awake, then you probably have enough fuel in the tank to do an hour or less of a mild to moderate workout (like jogging, hiking, yoga) – just don’t forget to drink water during the workout.  If you are planning to do a hard workout, you will want to follow the same rules as the “3 square” eaters listed next.

Do you eat 3 squares a day?

If you go at least 3 – 4 hours between meals then you need to eat before your workout.  Eat a light meal (500-600 calories) about 3 hours before your workout – that will allow time for digestion.  “Carb up” 2 hours before – yogurt with fruit and granola is perfect – stay away from fats!  You can add 100-200 more carb calories an hour before your workout – a banana would be great.  Now you should feel ready to go and have plenty of energy to complete even a tough workout.

Eating After a Workout

food-after-workout-home-workouts-workIf you have enough reserves to start and get through a workout and you feel spent afterwards, go for some type of recovery drink. Keep the calories as low as you can so that your body can continue to burn from the great workout you just had. Putting to much on your stomach can sabotage what the body is doing at the moment to change your body.

And don’t forget to hydrate!

You should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water every day, but before, during and after your workout you really need to be careful.  Two hours before drink 16 ounces of water (this will give you time to empty your bladder before your workout).  Thirty minutes before your workout drink another 8 ounces.  During your workout hydrate regularly – if the sweat does not easily flow, you may not be getting enough water in.  After your workout you should drink to quench your thirst and then more.  The simple way to know you are getting in enough water is to watch your urine.  It should always be pale yellow – not clear and not dark.

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