Find the “REAL” You with the 21 Day Fix Workout

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21 Day Fix Workout

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You have heard about the 21 Day Fix or saw the 21 Day Fix Infomercial with Montel Williams and you asked yourself, “Is the 21 Day Fix Real”, “Is the 21 Day Fix a Scam”, “Does 21 Day Fix work”?  To answer your question, the 21 Day Fix workout and Portion Control System is definitely “Real”. In this 21 Day Fix review I will answer several questions:

  • What is the 21 Day Fix workout?
  • How does the 21 Day Fix work?
  • Why is 21 Day Fix Effective?
  • What makes the 21 Day Fix Unique?
  • Equipment needed for the 21 Day Fix?
  • Who is Personal Trainer Autumn Calabrese?

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What is the 21 Day Fix?

The 21 Day Fix is a nutrition based, fitness program designed to make weight loss so simple that anyone can do it. 30 minute workouts with the easy to follow portion control system, makes the 21 Day Fix the program to use when you want results fast. Participants have lost up to 15lbs in 21 days!

If you need to lose a few pounds before a wedding or that cruise vacation, the 21 Day Fix is what you need. Maybe you have bigger goals with your weight loss and health. Use the 21 Day Fix to get you started. It is the simplest, the fastest and it works!

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How does it work?

The 21 Day Fix meal guide comes with a nutrition plan and special 21 Day Fix recipes that help you to choose the right types of foods to eat at each meal. The right kinds of Fats, Carbs and Proteins. With the added “Container System”, you will learn the right amount of foods to eat, so that you can eat anything you want and reach your goals fast. No calorie counting or guesswork!

The workouts in the 21 Day Fix are 30 minute, calorie burning workouts. The workouts were made for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced. With the on-screen modifier the beginner has a place to start and they can ramp up the intensity as they improve. The advanced person looking to shed some extra pounds can challenge themselves right out of the box.

Why is it effective?

The Fix is effective because it is so simple. No counting calories or points. No need to log your food in a diet app. Everything is planned out for you with 21 Day Fix meal examples. All you do is use the special containers for portion control and workout 30 minutes a day. Give yourself 21 days, and you will love your results.

What makes it unique?

This is the only program that combines fitness, nutrition, world-class workouts and a simple to follow portion control system. By giving equal importance to fitness and portion control, the 21 Day Fix can help you reach your weight loss goals and help you to keep it off. It’s simple and sustainable. No matter your goal, if you want to lose 10lbs or 100lbs, you can do it with the 21 Day Fix.

Equipment needed

Very simple – dumbbells or resistance bands.

Where to Buy 21 Day Fix Workout DVD

To buy 21 Day Fix Workout  select one of the links above. Warning!! You can find 21 Day Fix videos to buy on Amazon or Ebay. You might be able to buy 21 Day Fix cheaper, but you will get what you pay for. You will not receive the help from an experienced Team Beachbody coach like us. We are here to help you succeed. Amazon and Ebay just want to sell you a program. We are familiar with most of the programs or have done them ourselves and can give you valuable information to help you get great results from the program which is key with the 21 Day Fix Workout and the food containers.

Who is Personal Trainer Autumn Calabrese?

Autumn is a busy mom and a national bikini competitor. The idea for the portion control containers came about when Autumn saw one of her clients eat a salad that was 1,300 calories. Because it was a salad, the client thought it was “healthy”. That’s when Autumn realized that huge portions were sabotaging her clients results and weight loss. She developed the container system so the people could see the right amounts to eat and how simple it was to follow. As a single mom, she also understood that fitting exercise and healthy eating into a busy schedule could be a challenge. That is why she created short 30 minute workouts and a simple eating plan so that the time in the kitchen could be limited.

21 day fix workout

21 Day Fix Infomercial with Montel Williams

During the 21 Day Fix Infomercial, Montel Williams interviews many of the “Real” people that have had great results with the 21 day diet meal plan and containers. Many want to know, “What do you eat on the 21 Day Fix?” The answer is “Real” food. Nothing boxed or frozen. All fresh and prepared by you at home. Many of the users of this program have had great success with one 21 day round and others doing several rounds losing over 100lbs. As a Team Beachbody coach, I have had several people to lose weight and learn a whole new way of eating to maintain that weight loss.

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